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Full Swing

Swing Dance School in Dublin

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Swing Dancing and Lindy Hop

What we call Swing Dancing is a collection of dances originated in the United States in the first half of the 20th century and danced to Swing music: Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, etc.

The Lindy Hop is an African American Vernacular partnered social dance developed primarily in the ballrooms of Harlem (New York) during the late 1920's. It became very popular during the swing era and was featured in a number of films and show productions throughout the 30's and 40's.

For more details watch this video:

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Our role

Our mission at Full Swing is to grow the Swing Dancing Community in Dublin by providing classes and workshops.

However, we acknowledge that we are guests in a culture that is not our own when we engage in dancing and teaching Lindy Hop and other African American vernacular dances. Therefore, to the best of our abilities, we approach this mission while respecting the values of Black American dance culture.

If you wish to learn more, or let us know how we can be more inclusive and appreciative, please get to us via the contact page.

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